Here you find a links to some of my favorite places, my house members, and other places where I archive my stories. Thanks to Karyn for the awesome link buttons that you can save and upload to your own site to link back to me. Please use as the link address. Thanks!!

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Archives (Where I Post To)

Vampire's Kisses
Visit the Vampire's Kisses Archive, a Spuffy Archive. As of June 5th, 2006 there are 1224 stories archived by 428 different authors. There are some great pieces of fiction archived here. This is NOT an automated archive at this time. Stories are updated through the moderator and web master. There are some stories that you will find here and not elsewhere though.

Fonts of Wisdom: The Crypt

The Crypt houses BtVS fanfiction. Although most of the stories feature Spike, there are also some fics featuring Giles, Wesley and Angel if he plays nice with Spike or kills Riley.

A newer archive, but by no means a small one. Over 1000 stories from authors new and old (some not even archived in main archives anymore) are already posted here. This is a mainly Spuffy archive but human and vampire fics are allowed. As quoted from the site directly ... This archive started out as an idea that has since become something beyond our wildest dreams and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Elysian Fields has brought back the love of writing, spuffy, the fandom, for a lot of authors and we hope that it will also inspire you.

House Mates (Fellow Misfits)

Ariel Dawn
Frozen Bloodsicles

Tears of Crimson Regret

Midnight Moon

Dark Dreamluver
Spiked Dreams *Archive*

Darkest Before The Dawn

Hearts of Twilight

Uncaged Muse
Obsessions of a Twisted Mind

Misc. Friends

An Oracle's Passion

OracleHolly is a member of the House of Bloodshed. You will find her artwork and fanfiction at this site.

Titans Together

Redwulf is a member of the House of Bloodshed. You will find his artwork and fanfictions at his site.

Enchanted Grace

Tam's many wonderful Spuffy fanfictions are found at her site. She is a part of the Dark Solace House network. She is also a member of the House of Bloodshed.

Haunted Gaze

At Haunted Gaze you will find Karyn's fanfiction and artwork. Karyn has created many of the banners, logos, and buttons for this site and others. Her fictions are worth checking out, and I am grateful to Karyn for her images. She has a lot of talent.

Wicked Temptation

Wicked Temptation is the home for all of Mary Perk's various fanfictions. She specializes in Spuffy, but she also tosses some other pairings in there. There are some good reads there.