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Welcome to Forbidden Kisses, JackOfSpikes Buffy and Spike fanfiction site. Please feel free to look around. This is the old Index page. You can still use the links to take you through the site are on the left. Please update your bookmarks to show www.forbiddenkisses.com as the bookmarked page for our site. If you enter the site from that address, you will end up at the updated Index and Fiction Archive.

If you read a fiction that you enjoy, please take a few minutes to review in an email or through the fiction archive. I appreciate the reviews, and Spike won't have to eat you for not being nice. Make sure that you pay attention to the ratings of each fiction. Please be responsible enough not to read something that you aren't old enough to be reading yet. Leave me a message on the tag board below if you'd like. Thank you for visiting!


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