Love Conquers by JackOfSpikes
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1. Prologue: Diligo Victum - Chapter 1: He Sleeps by JackOfSpikes [Reviews - 7] Like/Dislike (1723 words)
For the purposes of this story, Spike has no debt with Sharky but still goes to the Magic Box. The loan shark and his minions will not feature in this story at this time.

2. Chapter 2. Oh! Dear Lord! by JackOfSpikes [Reviews - 4] Like/Dislike (1259 words)
Need to say that this has not been's been so long since I've written anything, that I didn't want Tasha to think I was using her. But if the wonderful and sweet lady feels the need to make any needed corrections...I am soooo not one to argue! LOL   Enjoy

3. Chapter 3 The Importance of Being Henry by JackOfSpikes [Reviews - 4] Like/Dislike (1575 words)

4. Chapter 4 - The Key to Happiness by JackOfSpikes [Reviews - 5] Like/Dislike (1900 words)

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