Reviews For Halloween Fairies
Reviewer: AdminTasha Signed
Date: February 07 2010 - 04:36AM Title: Halloween Fairies

This was a fun one.  {Smiles}

Reviewer: AdminTasha Signed
Date: April 08 2009 - 07:15AM Title: Halloween Fairies

{smiles}  I love your seasons much better than what we got.

Reviewer: kimmyadams Anonymous
Date: November 21 2007 - 01:05PM Title: Halloween Fairies

Once again another incomparable story and I love your Xander in this one.  I loved the spiders and that would have been me behind Spike, not willow.  I also love your Joyce and how you keep her alive.  Thanks for such a joy to read and you know your reader's and friends love you, right?

More of this MORE, pretty please with sugar on top...


Author's Response: Kimmy, yu are insatiable! lol...thank you for that.

Reviewer: Lou Anonymous
Date: November 05 2007 - 05:00PM Title: Halloween Fairies

Mum knows best!  That was fun - go Joyce!!

Author's Response: Thank yuo...mum really does know best.

Reviewer: Olwen Anonymous
Date: October 30 2007 - 11:52PM Title: Halloween Fairies

Soooooo cute!

Author's Response: thank you

Reviewer: bluebird Anonymous
Date: October 22 2007 - 12:59AM Title: Halloween Fairies

Very Cute!!!!  Love this story!

Author's Response: thank you

Reviewer: sandyrah Anonymous
Date: October 21 2007 - 10:33PM Title: Halloween Fairies

Yay! Very fun, and very cute. I especially liked how they all ignored everything but the spiders.

Author's Response: well, they ARE the scoobies.

Reviewer: duke6665 Anonymous
Date: October 21 2007 - 09:43PM Title: Halloween Fairies

wow that was one of the best quick fics i have read in a lot time. i actually loved xander in this one. and joyce is perfect.

Author's Response: you are too kind.

Reviewer: Dar Anonymous
Date: October 21 2007 - 09:11PM Title: Halloween Fairies

My compliments on the costume choices .  Love the mother daughter ending.

Author's Response: Thank you

Reviewer: Nika Anonymous
Date: October 21 2007 - 07:55PM Title: Halloween Fairies

Such a good one shot. I adore it. Love the ending. Loved how Joyce defended Spike, and Willow stuck to him like glue when she saw the spider.

Author's Response: Thank you.

Reviewer: Jace Nox Signed
Date: October 21 2007 - 01:25PM Title: Halloween Fairies

That was beautiful.  I love the last line and the story in general.  I would love to see more of this story...Yes even though it's complete. LOL

Keep up the great work,


Author's Response: Jace, I may just surprise you yet!

Reviewer: Constance Truggle Signed
Date: October 21 2007 - 01:13PM Title: Halloween Fairies

hehee!!! "Skeletons fucking dancing in the hallway..." "Just who are you callin' ‘old', you ponce?" "It's Buffy and Spike: The Geriatric Years!"

Have I told you lately that I love you? So fun!


Author's Response:, but thank you

Reviewer: NICHOLE Anonymous
Date: October 21 2007 - 01:00PM Title: Halloween Fairies

I loved this story. I wish something like this would have happened for real on the show so much honesty. You peeked my instrest with the comment Anya made about Buffy being the only slayer in 500 yrs to have a demon like spike fall in love with her. I hope we will see that explained in one of your future stories(i hope). look forward to more from you always.

Author's Response: You got will be.

Reviewer: Rigby24 Anonymous
Date: October 21 2007 - 12:04PM Title: Halloween Fairies

"Go mom!"  Yes, go Joyce.  Oh I love this!  "Buffy and Spike the geriatric years" had me laughing til I cried.

Author's Response: Thank you...I thought I could just slip that in there.

Reviewer: AdminTasha Signed
Date: October 21 2007 - 08:37AM Title: Halloween Fairies

Loved it!  This was a nicely original way to do the Halloween story.  Excellent.  I liked how you brought out the emotions and characterizations of each person too.  I actually liked your Xander too, and you know how hard that is for me to do.

Author's Response: lol...I'm so happy you said that!

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