Reviews For Second String Scoobies
Reviewer: ginar369 Signed
Date: August 30 2011 - 06:14PM Title: Chapter 1

Finally someone defending Spike!

Reviewer: Scott Signed
Date: November 11 2008 - 02:39PM Title: Chapter 13

Glad Spike isn't going to be a ponce, good chapter really if you ignore all the bluntness.

Reviewer: Scott Signed
Date: November 11 2008 - 02:34PM Title: Chapter 12

Wow man its going to be lame Spike for now on? the story was getting better but man if this Spike isn't Sarcastic and is just goody goody thats lame

Reviewer: Scott Signed
Date: November 11 2008 - 02:25PM Title: Chapter 11

The chapter was alright it looks like Xander is going to be redeemed, if he is it just better not be in 2 sentences.

Reviewer: Scott Signed
Date: November 11 2008 - 02:08PM Title: Chapter 9

Spike giving Wesley a verbal lashing was unreal and lame. 

Reviewer: Scott Signed
Date: November 11 2008 - 01:09PM Title: Chapter 8

Lol the ending was nice.

Reviewer: Scott Signed
Date: November 11 2008 - 12:24PM Title: Chapter 7

The story is OK. I do like it but the way you have you're characters put the story off and makes reading it forced imo. You make them Blunt--meaning they go directly to the point. Anya being blunt is fine but every member just getting directly to the point is not. Also like the blood claim/family claim. That was abrupt and unbelievable. How would Tara even know he would accept it? and Spike just accepting it right away. Unbelievable. Riley still sucks dick, Angel still sucks dick and Xander still sucks dick. I will continue reading.

Reviewer: sus Anonymous
Date: December 21 2007 - 09:18AM Title: Chapter 18

marvellous as all your work.

Author's Response: you are too kind

Reviewer: bemeka Signed
Date: December 15 2007 - 07:13PM Title: Chapter 18

Another excellent story. Almost sorry to see it end

Author's Response: I wasn't! lol...really needed a break from this one.

Reviewer: Kimmyadams Anonymous
Date: December 15 2007 - 12:34PM Title: Chapter 18

I hate to see this one end, Jack.  I alternated between snorts, tears, laughter, and back again but never lost the joy your stories bring.  You are one of the few who draw me back to Spuffy and help me to see how unique and special all of the scoobies are.  I love them all because you have made them so fun and enjoyable to spend time with.

Another incomparable update and yet...there is a hope to revisit this story in part 2...hint...hint :P

You made my day with this Jack!


Author's Response: No promises, Kimmy.

Reviewer: Dar Anonymous
Date: December 15 2007 - 09:09AM Title: Chapter 18

You go Anya!  What a GREAT Question.  Sweet ending and very good portrayal of Buffy, Spike communication skills.  Excellent

Author's Response: lol...thank you

Reviewer: AdminTasha Signed
Date: December 15 2007 - 07:48AM Title: Chapter 18

ROFL ... Giles' growly face!!  I loved that line.

Very fun and playful ending.  Another triumph of a story for you Jack.  I love them all.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, sweetie. as always you feedback makes me smile.

Reviewer: Rigby24 Anonymous
Date: December 15 2007 - 01:09AM Title: Chapter 18

Yay!  An update and a last chapter all in one!  Oh I love this story.  I love happy Scoobie fanfics!

Author's Response: Thank you for supporting me.

Reviewer: kimmyadams Anonymous
Date: November 21 2007 - 01:17PM Title: Chapter 17

Just read the last two chappies and I can only say Wowwie!  Sorry for the long silence Jack.  Alot going on in my life but you are still my fave author, absolutely uncontested. 

I loved Spike's line from Monty Python since that is my fave MP movie as well.  And Giles had better get busy wooing Joyce before Wesley moves in although a little competition is good I think....

I love Xander in this and that Spike cares enough to help out there.  You make the core characters so lovable and so flawed that I can't help myself. 

Another bow to you and waiting for more...


Author's Response: I hope you won't have to wait long, Kimmy.

Reviewer: Ann Anonymous
Date: October 31 2007 - 09:48PM Title: Chapter 17

Just read the new chapter, and I really liked it. I love how this and a bit of the last chapter show Buffy having a crush but not reverting to sweet little girl feelings like some authors do, cuz I think Buffy being more confident and grown up is part of why Spike falls for her. The B-team Scoobies are really proving themselves, too.

Giles' reaction to Joyce and Wesley sitting together and talking, and just the little hints are so perfect. They let us know what's going on, but allow Giles to sound baffled when Spike brings it up. That vamp is so intuitive, as the 'love is blood' speech shows, but being yanked around by denial-Buffy made a lot of us forget that. Good luck, and I hope to see all the relationships going forward. Buffy had better prove herself to Spike, for a change! 

Author's Response: I hope I can do all that you want :)

Reviewer: Dar Anonymous
Date: October 31 2007 - 08:44AM Title: Chapter 17

Love this chapter

Author's Response: Thank you

Reviewer: AdminTasha Signed
Date: October 30 2007 - 07:09PM Title: Chapter 17

Excellent chapter.  Always a pleasure to see an update from you in any of your stories.

Author's Response: You are too sweet, Tasha.

Reviewer: Constance Truggle Signed
Date: October 30 2007 - 12:52PM Title: Chapter 17

yay! Go SPIKE!!! Sorry.. I just love stories where the rest are forced to face their own bigotry. And this one has the added 'take charge'-iness of Tara, Anya and Wes. WooT!


Author's Response: I am enjoying writing this one :)

Reviewer: Dar Anonymous
Date: October 21 2007 - 09:15PM Title: Chapter 16

Rip Van Angel  that works.  Second String indeed!  Great Chapter

Author's Response: thank you, I'm glad you are enjoying it.

Reviewer: anon462 Anonymous
Date: October 21 2007 - 12:58PM Title: Chapter 16

Xander saved Spike???  I had to go back and read that again, I thought I was dreaming!!!  ;)

{Ya know, that whole thing about Angel wanting the Shanshu is crap. He already had it once (being human) and didn't like it because he was just ordinary and weak and couldn't 'play' at being a 'hero'. But, even though he really doesn't want it, you can bet the idea of Spike getting it (along with Buffy) will drive him crazy!!! Which, when I think about it, makes me smile and smile and smile!!! :D }

[Hmm???  I need to think about those prophecies somemore!!! Not really 'big' on the idea of Spike dying when Buffy dies, cause with her being the 'hero' type and all self-sacrificing, she could die in the next chapter and Spike would die too??? Bummer!!!]

Oh, cool solution to the Angel problem!!! Once they cast the spell if Angel comes anywhere near Sunnydale he'll just fall asleep until someone comes and hauls him away. I wonder how many times Cordy will be willing to come after his sorry ass before she say's 'screw it' and let's him sleep for a week or two???

Great chapter!!! More!!! Please!!!  :D

Author's Response:

coming soon


Reviewer: AdminTasha Signed
Date: October 21 2007 - 08:43AM Title: Chapter 16

Very good update.  Right on with the characters.  I loved how you used Xander in this chapter too.  Very good!!

Author's Response: Thank yuo so much, sweetie.

Reviewer: Nancy Anonymous
Date: October 20 2007 - 05:34PM Title: Chapter 16

I still say you should have let giles or Wesley dust Angel then all their problems would have taken care of. As usual you did a good job. Loved it. Yeah for Xander being the hero. LOL.

Author's Response: But i have plans for Angel...and I'm evil :D

Reviewer: Constance Truggle Signed
Date: October 20 2007 - 03:20PM Title: Chapter 16

Awww.. poor insecure Xander. Ah well. Wesley rules... as do the rest of the SSS. Great chapter and I can't wait to see more of whatever you post next.


Author's Response:

Thank you, I'll try to post soon.

Reviewer: Rigby24 Anonymous
Date: October 20 2007 - 12:12PM Title: Chapter 16

Yays!  Thanks for updating!

Author's Response: you are welcome.

Reviewer: Vilavy Anonymous
Date: October 18 2007 - 04:47PM Title: Chapter 15

The change of name totally of the good. Rodger!!

Author's Response: lol...I liked it!

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