Reviews For For Her
Reviewer: Nikki Signed
Date: August 20 2011 - 08:57AM Title: One Shot - Complete

I think this ended good especially enjoyed cordy smacking angel around the head

Reviewer: AdminTasha Signed
Date: February 07 2010 - 04:21AM Title: One Shot - Complete

I always ALWAYS Adore rereading this one.  {{still laughs about Cordelia}}

Reviewer: AdminTasha Signed
Date: April 08 2009 - 07:02AM Title: One Shot - Complete

This one is a hoot to reread. {Giggles}

Reviewer: Kimmyadams Anonymous
Date: July 04 2007 - 01:01AM Title: One Shot - Complete

Once again a story that brings both laughter and tears. 

I love the friendship between Dawn and spike and how you characterize her so well and showed her courage. 

I always love how you show what a pompass butthead Angel is and hope that cordy gives him a run for his money-they are perfect for each other.\

I also loved  the letter that Buffy wrote without being overly mushy.  Yeah, Spike did things for love and love does conquer more than we can imagine.  His heart is just so beautiful in your stories.  Thank you so much for the joy you bring to all of us in your writing, Jack.

Author's Response: His heart is just so beautiful in my mind :)

Reviewer: AdminTasha Signed
Date: April 17 2007 - 02:03PM Title: One Shot - Complete

I will never tire of rereading this.  I laugh heartily at the end of this one every time.  Your stories leave me feeling good about the world and myself.  They are uplifting endings.  Thank you.

Author's Response: Well now you know how your friendship makes me feel ...HUGS

Reviewer: lilmamaday Signed
Date: February 17 2007 - 06:21PM Title: One Shot - Complete

I love this story!  I am surprised that Angel/Angelus came back so soon, you would think that he would have ravaged his 'mate' before he had to get "souled up" again!  You never let us down with your works of art!

Author's Response:

well the time they were away was not mentioned, so he could have...I just didn't want to write an Angel sex scene 'cause ewwww!

Reviewer: AdminTasha Signed
Date: February 14 2007 - 04:43AM Title: One Shot - Complete

{chuckles}  How you portray Cordy in this story just tickles me.  She isn't in it for long, but what she is in you give her such a great personality.  Awesome story and a good reread.

Author's Response: I like Cordy even in bitch mode.

Reviewer: DK Anonymous
Date: February 11 2007 - 02:34AM Title: One Shot - Complete

That was wonderful! Like being on a roller coaster and not wanting it to end.  I always thought the Angel/Cordy thing was a great punishment for him, at least she got good shoes out of it.  She always thought he was salty goodness even when she was in high school.  I remember he even walked/rode with her to get home once. 

Author's Response: Well he was always a bit slow on the uptake!

Reviewer: EdElweiss Anonymous
Date: January 16 2007 - 06:44PM Title: One Shot - Complete

You write an extremely confident and determined Dawn, but a believable one too. Excellent Dawn and Spike characterisation and interaction. It's also nice to see all of the scoobies (even Xander and Giles) rooting for Spike for once ... it would be nice to think that they could all change their attitudes towards him.

I enjoyed your portrayal of Angel too, slightly pompous and far too sure of himself and of Buffy's affections :-) The Slayer Realm made for an interesting idea too, as did the concept of the slayer/champion claim and I particularly liked Nikki Woods 'speaking' for Spike.

I should also say that I thought Buffy's letter was very well written, it was emotional without going over the top. It also made some interesting points i.e. 'examples of his ability to love. Hell, think about it, guys. He went against his family and his nature to help me stop Angelus for Dru. To save Dru. We all said he was selfish and only helped for his own reasons, but his reason was love'. 'his reason was love' that's a point that it's easy to overlook.

Finally, all that remains to say is thanks for an excellent story, I enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Thank you for such a lovely review. I agree with the point that Spike's reason was a point overlooked. It is one of the many things that make me angry with the writers of the show. So many inconsistancies.

Reviewer: dark_amia Signed
Date: December 12 2006 - 09:20AM Title: One Shot - Complete

Great fic!

Author's Response: Thank you

Reviewer: Goldm00n Anonymous
Date: November 22 2006 - 09:11AM Title: One Shot - Complete

I loved it!  Great story!

Author's Response: Thank you very much :)

Reviewer: Ariel Dawn Anonymous
Date: November 20 2006 - 07:25PM Title: One Shot - Complete

Loved the fic!  made me laugh!  Thanks for the great read!

Author's Response: YOU ARE TOO KIND :)

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