Reviews For Fixing The Factors
Reviewer: Green_EyedCat Signed
Date: November 19 2016 - 06:56PM Title: Epilogue

In my head there's an extra scene of Drusilla receiving a big bouquet of flowers & the card says "Drusilla, thank you for taking care of the rubbish & ensuring there is one less intolerant bigot in the world. Many thanks, Giles."

Reviewer: AdminTasha Signed
Date: February 17 2010 - 06:23AM Title: Chapter 10 - 14

I have to say that the whole talking in his head on the way to LA and Spike acting like his her talking was like a cell phone ... The breaking up comment through his mind ... hilarious!!!

Reviewer: AdminTasha Signed
Date: February 17 2010 - 04:47AM Title: Prologue - Day 5

I always loved the end of that day ... "So have fun staking the poof yesterday"  ROFL.  You gave me so many happies with all the ways that Angel gets staked over the days.  You guys rocked.

Reviewer: lilladysez Signed
Date: November 12 2009 - 04:56PM Title: Prologue - Day 5

I read this all the time and I'm always thrown out of the story at the same point.


"Of course I haven't dusted him, Angel," Buffy replied incredulously. "He's almost like one of the gang. You know on the fringes, borderline Mexico ...ohh or Canada ...or one of those other countries that are, you know, on the border." She had no idea how much her words surprised the blond eavesdropper.

"You actually slept with this creature?" Riley spluttered. "I thought Xander was only kidding. Does this mean you're sleeping with Spike, too? You were engaged after all." He glared back and forth between Buffy and Angel.

  Is there text missing between those paragraphs?

Reviewer: Constance Truggle Anonymous
Date: August 21 2007 - 10:32PM Title: Epilogue

I'm sure I've reviewed this before, but as you know, going through something again, you catch things you didn't see before-hand. 

 I love your Dru. Sweetly psychotic. 

Angel with the Death Mark? (or whatever you called it) LOVED it. Tragic that Joss never did something like that to the ponce.

Spike fighting the bond/claim/his feelings. Precious, since it's usually Buffy who is reticent, and not forward with her emotions like she was here.

Blond vs Blonde. Both are proper, but the first is masculine, the latter feminine. You often mixed that up, and I know it's nitpicking, but it drove me nuts. ^.^ Same with the non-punctuation of names and such. Like Giles flat instead of Giles' flat. Or Spikes dusted rather than Spike's dusted.

Buffy's fury over the dusting of Spike? VERY well written.

Angel's dusting over and over and over? Priceless!

Alright. I think that's about it for this read-through. ^.~ Love your writing, Jack, and the writing of the IS team. Keep up the goodness.


Author's Response: I passed on the Blonde vs Blond message to the other two authors...I actually learnt that lesson a while ago thanks to the wonderful Shezarahade. I'm sure that at some point the ladies and I will get together and have another edit of the story. Thank you for your kind words.

Reviewer: djonie Anonymous
Date: July 16 2007 - 09:32AM Title: Epilogue

Great story! I love the plot, how you write the characters, the Spuffy interaction...awesome! Thanks for sharing this! Greets,


Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: Jace Nox Signed
Date: June 15 2007 - 02:52PM Title: Epilogue

I was wondering if anyone kept track of the Angel Dustings...*looks around* only me...well.  He was dusted, at least ten times!  That's great and beautiful and a wonderful perk for the entire story!

great work ladies!


Author's Response: Only ten? Bugger!

Reviewer: Jace Nox Signed
Date: June 15 2007 - 12:55AM Title: Chapters 6 - 9

I love this story!  I love it, I've read it like three times...*smacks hands* bad reader, not reviewing more, for shame.  *grins* Great work!


Author's Response: I am embarressed to admit that I read this one over and over myself...but at least I can say it's because Mary and Karyn did such good job. But I draw the line at reviewing work I've contributed to! LOL

Reviewer: Charli Anonymous
Date: April 11 2007 - 06:23PM Title: Prologue - Day 5

Thank god, I was worried there wasnt going to be a groundhog reference in there for a while. 

But seriously, I cant wait to read the rest. Onward! 

Author's Response: Well I hope you enjoy.

Reviewer: vladt Anonymous
Date: March 31 2007 - 03:54PM Title: Epilogue

fun read, thank you very much.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing.

Reviewer: vladt Anonymous
Date: March 31 2007 - 03:49PM Title: Day 20

this romp is a great read, thank you. love the lines "Hell no! You're  bitchy enough being the Slayer. No way would i add a dash  of vampirism to that."

Author's Response: I think that was Karyn! lol

Reviewer: Tracy-Anne Anonymous
Date: March 21 2007 - 09:26AM Title: Epilogue

That was fun.  Liked the development of the secondary characters as well as Spike and Buffy.  Could have done with a live groundhog though.  Maybe next time.

Author's Response: lol...we'll see.

Reviewer: Jace Nox Signed
Date: March 04 2007 - 08:05PM Title: Epilogue

WOnderful, I'm glad I stumbled across this gem!  Keep up the great work


Author's Response: We will try :)

Reviewer: lilmamaday Signed
Date: February 13 2007 - 03:02PM Title: Epilogue

I absolutely loved this story!  If only the Scoobs had been given a chance to actually try to fix things it could have been a totally different show at the end!  Will you guys be collaborating on another story because this one rocks!

Author's Response: There are two more already written and posted and a few other's in progress .

Reviewer: deb Anonymous
Date: December 16 2006 - 11:30PM Title: Epilogue

great ending to the story.  Riley goes away, possibly to be turned by Dru, Spuffy is mated and happy and the scoobies are off for a night at the bronze.  All is good in the world

Author's Response: I voted for Dru catching him...but lost :)

Reviewer: Bridge Anonymous
Date: December 15 2006 - 04:47AM Title: Epilogue

I loved this story. Angel's repeated dusting is absolutely hilarious :)

Author's Response: Thank you, it gave us all kinds of happies too!

Reviewer: margaret Anonymous
Date: December 13 2006 - 12:50PM Title: Epilogue

love the site and this fic. thanks for the great story and for finishing it.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading. I'll be sure to pass on your thoughts to Maryperk and Kargrif.

Reviewer: Deb Anonymous
Date: December 12 2006 - 01:18PM Title: Epilogue

Enjoyed this fic.

Author's Response: Thank you and I know that Maryperk and Kargrif thank you too.

Reviewer: Jenny Anonymous
Date: November 01 2006 - 11:56PM Title: Day 20

 Please Please Update soon am entralled ny this story

Author's Response: I promise to try :)

Reviewer: Annette Anonymous
Date: October 29 2006 - 08:45PM Title: Day 20

This story is bloody marvelous!  Please hurry and update.

Author's Response: We usually update on a weekly basis :)

Reviewer: a friend Anonymous
Date: October 15 2006 - 06:59PM Title: Complete Day 19 (Part A, B, and C)

your story is GREAT!!

you have to keep writing

update soon, please!!


P.S. any idea what happened to the Bloodshedverse ?-- sorry, I know its off topic but I wanted to know 


Author's Response: Will do...and you can find the new link to BSV on their LJ :D

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