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Up to You by Bev

Spike comes to help buffy at end of season 3, dosn't make it ends up protecting joyce at buffys request after battle goes to nla to meet spike, with joyce's blessing spends the summer with spike before they both return to sunnydale for beginning of season 4

Must have:

Angel to have claimed buffy and trying to use it so she won't want anybody else, and spike/buffy finding out how to block it

supportive giles on there return

no immediate love affair, long building friendship

spike teatching buffy about other demons (like clem) + demon languages

buffy getting more in touch with her inner slayer

pompose riley/initative on there return.

Categories: BtVS: Season 3 Characters: None
Summary: Willow did the ressurection alone with Xander instead because Anya and Tara didnt want to. Anya and Tara find out and call Giles. Willow going to England so does Xander. Two months later the spell works. -Anya and Xander breaking up -Willow and Tara breaking up -Angel bashing(by Dawn/Buffy or both) -Tara getting over shyness -Spike,Tara,Buffy,Dawn,Anya bond -Willow, Xander, giles returning -See Spuffy -Buffy doesnt let Willow live in house anymore -Spuffy romance -Anything else is up to you
Categories: BtVS: Season 6 Characters: None
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