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Summary: Set during or after "Tabula Rasa." Giles is sent back in time about 9 months before Spike is born. Giles realizing that Spike really is his son when he comes back to the present.

Must haves:

1. Fluffy Spuffy, (edit) doesn't have to be really fluffy, just don't torture Spike
2. Giles and Spike bonding as father and son
3. Giles playing matchmaker for Spike and Buffy
4. Giles saying "Oh Dear Lord" at least 10 times

Can haves:

1. Joyce still alive, romance with Giles, she can help with the matchmaking
2. A spell going wrong and turning Xander into a girl for a short time and Anya saying Willow did it on purpose 
Categories: BtVS: Season 6 Characters: None
Summary: I'd like for a post "Not Fade Away" Vamp Buffy and her newly souled sire Drusilla to find Spike and Angel all alone after their battle against Wolfram and Hart's forces. I want Spuffy as the main couple and Angel/Drusilla as the second main couple. I'd like for Buffy to keep her demon mask from Season 1 "Nightmares" and I'd prefer for their souls to be anchored. What I do not want is for the rest of the Fang Gang to be alive. I thought they were too business like and I did not like Cordelia and Fred/Illyria. I can tolerate Lorne so keep him alive only please. 
Categories: Angel: Season 5 Characters: None

I'm not sure what Season this would fall in, but it would have to be after Spike falls in love with Buffy. Buffy has held on to her feelings for Angel, because he has a soul, and has refused to accept Spikes love because he doesn't have one.

What if the truth came out that Angel's soul wasn't his (Liam), but was the soul of the adolescent gypsy girl Angelus tortured, raped and murdered?

What if the further truth came out that the only reason Angel 'ever' fell in love with Buffy was because the young gypsy girl was a 'lesbian'? What if Angel knew this from the time he was returned from hell? What if Angel calling Buffy's love for him a 'freak show' and leaving her was because he refused to accept that he had a 'lesbian soul'? What if he dumped all the guilt and pain onto Buffy for their failed relationship because he refused to accept any of the blame himself out of 'pure, selfish, manly pride'? What if Angel lied to Buffy about many, many things?

What if Buffy learns all this in a way that she cannot deny or refuse to believe?

How would this effect Buffy's view of her 'one true love'? Of herself? Who would she turn to for help and solace?

(The story should definitly end up being Spuffy. Some Angel confrontation and retribution would also be very nice. I wonder how Cordy would react to the news?)

Categories: *No Def. Season* Characters: None
Summary: When Travers dies, spells on Buffy and Faith are broken.  There can be any number of spells, but the biggest one exagerates thier 'weaknesses' ie for Buffy, her depresssion, her dependence on the opinions of others, the way she can't communicate her feelings, for Faith, her independence, her standoffishness, her lack of self-worth.  When the spell(s) disappear, Buffy is with Spike or goes to Spike, and is apologetic and caring,  She knows what she wants now, and it's him.  She also sees her friends for who they are.  Anything else is up to you, just you know, happy ending and no Spike torture.
Categories: BtVS: Season 7 Characters: None
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