Challenge - Season4 Au Spuffy by g0tik4_
Summary: In the Comic Books there is mention a Danish Slayer that Spike kills in 1940 but in canon Nikki Wood is the second slayer he killed. What I want is this: the Danish Slayer (Sophie Carstensen) is killed by Spike in 1985 instead, becoming his third slayer. Sophie's watcher for revenge kills Drusilla though. Spike is heartbroken and lost and he doesn't know what to do with his unlife anymore. A few months after Dru's death he hears about a demon shaman in Africa who grants wishes if you pass his trials. Spike wants Dru back but the shaman can't do it. At that point then, He ask for a purpose in life and the shaman gives him back his soul and the task to kill demons and vampires and be a Champion for the light. Must Have: - Spike arrives for the first time in Sunnydale in the summer before Buffy's first year at college - Spike finds and keeps the Gem of Amara - Spike is a literature professor at the Sunnydale College or a TA - The Demon shaman works for the PTB - Spike has visions from the PTB to know what to do and where to go(a lot like Doyle) - A happy ending Spuffy Can Have: - Spike stayed a few years in Cleveland before going to Sunnydale - Scoobies and/or Angel and Riley bashing - Dru brought back by W&H instead of Darla, as a vampire - Dawn - Spike/Joyce friendship Can't Have: - Spike captured by the Initiative and with the chip - Buffy/Riley(unless it's just one-sided with Riley interested in Buffy but Buffy not interested in him) - too mach angst Contact me with a response to this challenge at my email address.
Categories: BtVS: Season 4
Characters: None
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