Travers' spells are broken on the Slayers by maryperk
Summary: When Travers dies, spells on Buffy and Faith are broken.  There can be any number of spells, but the biggest one exagerates thier 'weaknesses' ie for Buffy, her depresssion, her dependence on the opinions of others, the way she can't communicate her feelings, for Faith, her independence, her standoffishness, her lack of self-worth.  When the spell(s) disappear, Buffy is with Spike or goes to Spike, and is apologetic and caring,  She knows what she wants now, and it's him.  She also sees her friends for who they are.  Anything else is up to you, just you know, happy ending and no Spike torture.
Categories: BtVS: Season 7
Characters: None
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