*No Def. Season* Challenges
Lips of Spike by SevenDeadly

What if Whistler had challenged Spike instead of Angel to protect and aid the Slayer? How would things have been different?

 Must Have:

Buffy falling in love with Spike first    

 Very supportive Scoobies

Soulless Spike


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I'm not sure what Season this would fall in, but it would have to be after Spike falls in love with Buffy. Buffy has held on to her feelings for Angel, because he has a soul, and has refused to accept Spikes love because he doesn't have one.

What if the truth came out that Angel's soul wasn't his (Liam), but was the soul of the adolescent gypsy girl Angelus tortured, raped and murdered?

What if the further truth came out that the only reason Angel 'ever' fell in love with Buffy was because the young gypsy girl was a 'lesbian'? What if Angel knew this from the time he was returned from hell? What if Angel calling Buffy's love for him a 'freak show' and leaving her was because he refused to accept that he had a 'lesbian soul'? What if he dumped all the guilt and pain onto Buffy for their failed relationship because he refused to accept any of the blame himself out of 'pure, selfish, manly pride'? What if Angel lied to Buffy about many, many things?

What if Buffy learns all this in a way that she cannot deny or refuse to believe?

How would this effect Buffy's view of her 'one true love'? Of herself? Who would she turn to for help and solace?

(The story should definitly end up being Spuffy. Some Angel confrontation and retribution would also be very nice. I wonder how Cordy would react to the news?)

Categories: *No Def. Season* Characters: None
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