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Summary: In the Comic Books there is mention a Danish Slayer that Spike kills in 1940 but in canon Nikki Wood is the second slayer he killed. What I want is this: the Danish Slayer (Sophie Carstensen) is killed by Spike in 1985 instead, becoming his third slayer. Sophie's watcher for revenge kills Drusilla though. Spike is heartbroken and lost and he doesn't know what to do with his unlife anymore. A few months after Dru's death he hears about a demon shaman in Africa who grants wishes if you pass his trials. Spike wants Dru back but the shaman can't do it. At that point then, He ask for a purpose in life and the shaman gives him back his soul and the task to kill demons and vampires and be a Champion for the light. Must Have: - Spike arrives for the first time in Sunnydale in the summer before Buffy's first year at college - Spike finds and keeps the Gem of Amara - Spike is a literature professor at the Sunnydale College or a TA - The Demon shaman works for the PTB - Spike has visions from the PTB to know what to do and where to go(a lot like Doyle) - A happy ending Spuffy Can Have: - Spike stayed a few years in Cleveland before going to Sunnydale - Scoobies and/or Angel and Riley bashing - Dru brought back by W&H instead of Darla, as a vampire - Dawn - Spike/Joyce friendship Can't Have: - Spike captured by the Initiative and with the chip - Buffy/Riley(unless it's just one-sided with Riley interested in Buffy but Buffy not interested in him) - too mach angst Contact me with a response to this challenge at my email address.
Categories: BtVS: Season 4 Characters: None
Summary: Summary: Alternate Reality What would have happened if Spike was as old as - or even older than - Angelus/Angel? In this challenge Spike is two centuries older that in Canon. Why? Because I always thought that Angel had always had an unfair advantage over Spike. First, when Spike was just turned and then even when Angel has a soul, he's still stronger than Spike, but not because he's the better fighter, just because he's older. And just to make things more interesting: Spike is cursed with a soul together with Angelus. But instead of having been a vampire for two decades, he's been a vampire for two centuries and he still has the reputation as the Slayer of Slayers. Since he has two centuries instead of one to kill slayers, before being cursed he has killed 4 slayers instead of 2. You will wonder why I would think of something like that. Well, it's simple. It's just to level the playing field. Spike is the better man and the better vampire but Angel has always arrived first. He's born first so he's stronger, he had his soul first so he's good first and so he becomes Buffy's first love etc. Spike has always been compared to Angel(by Buffy mostly) and come up lacking just because Angel was there first. Spike could love and do good without a soul but nobody believed in him just because Angel couldn't love without a soul, so no other vampire could. And so on and so forth. So what I want is this: Spike is even older that Angel in this challenge. When he's cursed with a soul - together with Angelus - he has already a reputation in the demons' world as a very strong and powerful Master Vampire. Spike arrives in Sunnydale at the beginning of season2. He's called by Whistler to help Buffy because Angel isn't doing a very good job (she's been killed by the Master after all). Angel is called first by Whistler because he has spent a century eating rats and feeling sorry for himself while Spike has - after having overcome the first crazy period with the soul - started to fight for the Light side. He doesn't fall immediately in love with Buffy (she's just sixteen after all) but when Angel loses his soul he's already in love with her. Buffy is still in love with Angel when Spike first appears. When Angel loses his soul, Spike loses his too. I want anyone to realize that while Spike can love without a soul, Angel can't. Spike - even without a soul - helps Buffy against Angelus because he loves her. Timeline for this challenge: William Pratt is born in 1653 instead of 1853. His life is still the same. He's still a gentleman, he still has his mother to take care of. He's still 'William the Bloody Awful Poet'. He's turned by Darla in 1680. He becomes William the Bloody and later Spike( still because he tortured people with railroad spikes). Darla is not really impressed by William at the beginning, he finds him 'too soft' for a vampire. Since Angelus is not there to turn him into a monster, Spike is just very eager to fight. He revels in the fight and the danger. He doesn't care to torture his victims, he just wants to eat. It's because of this that he becomes obsessed with Slayers. He first learns about the Slayers from Darla. To gain her respect Spike kills his first slayer in 1700(the Weapons-Forging Slayer mentioned in the Slayer Timeline in Buffy and Angel Wiki - she's the one who leaves him the scar on his eyebrow). This way he becomes a Master Vampire. In 1753 Darla turns Liam into a vampire. He changed his name to Angelus. Darla is immediately impressed by his viciousness and cruelty. Angelus and Spike can't stand each other. Darla always sides with Angelus but Spike - being already a Master Vampire and older than Angelus - he's perfectly capable of defending himself. Spike is not in love with Darla but seeks her approval because she's his Sire. In 1799 Spike kills his second Slayer (Marguerite Allard - Paris, France) while him, Darla and Angelus are in France. In 1817 Spike kills his third Slayer (Elizabeth Weston - Somerset, England). In 1860 Angelus turns Drusilla. (It's up to you if Spike has ever been in love with her or not). In 1877 Spike kills his fourth slayer (Catherine Callan - London, England) In 1898 Both Angelus and Spike are cursed with a soul. The both of them are sent away by Darla. Spike decides to not come back and beg them(Darla and Drusilla) to take him back. After a few years of craziness because of the guilt, he decides to do something about it and starts to fight to defend innocent people against demons. In 1996 Whistler goes to Angel and persuaded him to join the fight against evil that and to help the newly-activated Slayer, Buffy Summers. When Buffy is killed for a minute by the Master, Whistler - at the behest of the Powers that Be - contacts Spike and convinces him to go to Sunnydale and help Buffy in her fight against evil. Other Points to abide to: - Spike already has the Gem of Amara when he first comes to Sunnydale. Or something else that permits him to walk around during the day. Better if the Gem of Amara doesn't heal his wounds but it just permits him to walk in the sunlight, being immune to crosses and holy water and have a reflection. - Spike was in Cleveland to defend the Hellmouth there before going to Sunnydale. - The story continues beyond Season2. Even better if it continues till Season7. - At the end of Season3 Spike leaves Sunnydale and goes to Africa to make sure that he won't lose his soul again. - At the beginning of Season4 he returns to Sunnydale as a human but with superstrenght(basically as the First Male Slayer). I would really like if someone would respond to this challenge!
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Summary: Instead of going to Angel the pregnant Darla goes to buffy and spike asdosn't trust angel to become angelus and harm the child
Categories: None Characters: None
Lips of Spike by SevenDeadly

What if Whistler had challenged Spike instead of Angel to protect and aid the Slayer? How would things have been different?

 Must Have:

Buffy falling in love with Spike first    

 Very supportive Scoobies

Soulless Spike


Categories: *No Def. Season* Characters: None

Set in the summer after season 4, the scoobies have left for the summer leaving buffy, spike and giles (joyce comes and goes).

Spike comes groveling back, aloud back in on condiion he works for it, via patroling and working with buffy in training.

Must have:

spuffy friendship developing into relationship

supportive giles

giles/spike male bonding

buffy/giles/spike bonding - father figure for both

glies stating that as individual fighters both brilliant but as a team unbeatable

mini big bad

weekend dancing in la

angel + reiley bashing


spike introducing buffy to peaceful demon community so to work closer with them

angel having a claim on buffy that is broken with related fall out

Categories: BtVS: Season 4 Characters: None
Summary: Set during or after "Tabula Rasa." Giles is sent back in time about 9 months before Spike is born. Giles realizing that Spike really is his son when he comes back to the present.

Must haves:

1. Fluffy Spuffy, (edit) doesn't have to be really fluffy, just don't torture Spike
2. Giles and Spike bonding as father and son
3. Giles playing matchmaker for Spike and Buffy
4. Giles saying "Oh Dear Lord" at least 10 times

Can haves:

1. Joyce still alive, romance with Giles, she can help with the matchmaking
2. A spell going wrong and turning Xander into a girl for a short time and Anya saying Willow did it on purpose 
Categories: BtVS: Season 6 Characters: None
Summary: I'd like for a post "Not Fade Away" Vamp Buffy and her newly souled sire Drusilla to find Spike and Angel all alone after their battle against Wolfram and Hart's forces. I want Spuffy as the main couple and Angel/Drusilla as the second main couple. I'd like for Buffy to keep her demon mask from Season 1 "Nightmares" and I'd prefer for their souls to be anchored. What I do not want is for the rest of the Fang Gang to be alive. I thought they were too business like and I did not like Cordelia and Fred/Illyria. I can tolerate Lorne so keep him alive only please. 
Categories: Angel: Season 5 Characters: None

I'm not sure what Season this would fall in, but it would have to be after Spike falls in love with Buffy. Buffy has held on to her feelings for Angel, because he has a soul, and has refused to accept Spikes love because he doesn't have one.

What if the truth came out that Angel's soul wasn't his (Liam), but was the soul of the adolescent gypsy girl Angelus tortured, raped and murdered?

What if the further truth came out that the only reason Angel 'ever' fell in love with Buffy was because the young gypsy girl was a 'lesbian'? What if Angel knew this from the time he was returned from hell? What if Angel calling Buffy's love for him a 'freak show' and leaving her was because he refused to accept that he had a 'lesbian soul'? What if he dumped all the guilt and pain onto Buffy for their failed relationship because he refused to accept any of the blame himself out of 'pure, selfish, manly pride'? What if Angel lied to Buffy about many, many things?

What if Buffy learns all this in a way that she cannot deny or refuse to believe?

How would this effect Buffy's view of her 'one true love'? Of herself? Who would she turn to for help and solace?

(The story should definitly end up being Spuffy. Some Angel confrontation and retribution would also be very nice. I wonder how Cordy would react to the news?)

Categories: *No Def. Season* Characters: None
Summary: When Travers dies, spells on Buffy and Faith are broken.  There can be any number of spells, but the biggest one exagerates thier 'weaknesses' ie for Buffy, her depresssion, her dependence on the opinions of others, the way she can't communicate her feelings, for Faith, her independence, her standoffishness, her lack of self-worth.  When the spell(s) disappear, Buffy is with Spike or goes to Spike, and is apologetic and caring,  She knows what she wants now, and it's him.  She also sees her friends for who they are.  Anything else is up to you, just you know, happy ending and no Spike torture.
Categories: BtVS: Season 7 Characters: None
Up to You by Bev

Spike comes to help buffy at end of season 3, dosn't make it ends up protecting joyce at buffys request after battle goes to nla to meet spike, with joyce's blessing spends the summer with spike before they both return to sunnydale for beginning of season 4

Must have:

Angel to have claimed buffy and trying to use it so she won't want anybody else, and spike/buffy finding out how to block it

supportive giles on there return

no immediate love affair, long building friendship

spike teatching buffy about other demons (like clem) + demon languages

buffy getting more in touch with her inner slayer

pompose riley/initative on there return.

Categories: BtVS: Season 3 Characters: None
Summary: Willow did the ressurection alone with Xander instead because Anya and Tara didnt want to. Anya and Tara find out and call Giles. Willow going to England so does Xander. Two months later the spell works. -Anya and Xander breaking up -Willow and Tara breaking up -Angel bashing(by Dawn/Buffy or both) -Tara getting over shyness -Spike,Tara,Buffy,Dawn,Anya bond -Willow, Xander, giles returning -See Spuffy -Buffy doesnt let Willow live in house anymore -Spuffy romance -Anything else is up to you
Categories: BtVS: Season 6 Characters: None
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