BtVS: Season 1
Second Chance by JackOfSpikes Rated: NC-17 Like/Dislike [Reviews - 347]

After Angel and his team lose the battle in the Alley, everyone dies, and the Powers offer Buffy a chance to go back and fix it all. There's a prophecy involved, and Buffy is not the only one to go back. She is sent back to when The Master 'killed' her the first time, but in this story her return to her old body happens before the body dies. There will be No Kendra in this fic, minor character death, and Spike/Other temporarily.


This is a present for MaryPerk for her unwavering friendship. It was Beta'd by Spikeslovebite.

Categories: BtVS: Season 2, BtVS: Season 1, Angel: Season 5 Characters: None
Genres: Action, Angst - Mild, Comedy, Romance Warnings: Sexual Situations, Spike/Other - Temporary, Violence
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 28 Completed: No Word count: 48108
Published: January 14 2007 Updated: March 05 2012
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